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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Citizens Network with Radiation Data, News, Survival Wisdom!

Citizens Asked  to Create & Join Local & Regional Sustain & Survive Networks

In these difficult times, I have personally taken several weeks away from my writing of 'Our Garden of Secrets' Book, and cut back on my painting of beautiful Hawaii scenery which I exhibit. Why? Because we are in the Quickening Times. We must step up and become leaders by making ourselves more whole, spiritually, physically, and mentally; we need to integrate our selves, and network with those of us willing to build a better world beyond the natural and man-made disasters of this Epic period in human destiny.   

'Think globally. Act locally.' Be compassionate. Love & serve the ones you are with, put prayer and compassion into action for all beings, large & small. We must be the heros we know of from myths, legends and Hollywood. Those who to stay and serve must be evolving to their potential; those who pass on, well, they may never get a second chance to seek their potential and serve. Note: a saying. 'One Yogi in his dwelling can change the world.' Gandhi is an example of an exemplary avatar who forced the British from India by non-violent action, living simply, fasting for social justice. Jesus did it by loving his enemies, and like avatars before him, with non-violence. Jesus: 'The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth." Yes, and we, the 'Meek.' unwar-like' must malama, a Hawaiian word for 'Care for,' the Earth and all that dwell upon it. We need to protect Mother Earth, plant gardens, share our love, and stay Lokahi, Hawaiian for in balance and harmony within, without and among us.  -Aelbert,        ourgardenofsecretsbook.wordpress.com/    also on Facebook: http://facebook.com/aelbertaehegma/       & http://facebook.com/our-garden-of-secrets-revealed/ releases of research on nuclear accident in Japan, and sustainable, and survival ideas.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FLASH! Our Garden of Secrets Free Chapters, Quotes, Pictures, HERE!

Our Garden of Secrets  

   NEW, Complimentary, Serial Book Release  

Our Garden of Secrets By Aelbert Aehegma

“Be All you can be, for, later in life you may only wonder who you might have been, if you had  become who you dreamed of being.” -Aelbert 2010 AD

Our Garden of Secrets By award-winning writer Aelbert Aehegma shall be released as a traditional book, as well as in multiple book and cutting edge, online publication methods…Right Here!
This is a Serial Book released in the form of Chapters, Articles, Poems, Proems, Short Stories, Ramblings, Memoirs, Journal Entries, Quotes, Purple Passages, and on. Mostly FREE. The Best part is that the reader will assist in choosing their own choice of writing, their own choice of Aelbert’s original art, or photos. There may even be choices as to commissioned writing, art or photos, personalized by the Reader to be included in custom-made Blog Books, I-Books, E-Books, or simple downloads.
A Compendium, or Anthology shall be released in book form, eventually. However, the beauty of modern publishing online is that it is becoming almost instant. Currently, the Reprint of TURTLE DANCE, Limited Edition/Autographed copies….is now in final stages of editing for the Book Market, then for online, publication Reprint and will be available online for the first time, soon.
Under the Banner of Our Garden of Secrets, that being the Main Book, is also EXILE OF LOVE, now being edited at this time. You can also join a discussion forum through the comment pages, Here, at this site, or at Link at top of Page. Author will personally reply. All PR, Public Appearances, Public Speaking Engagements, Literary & Arts Events, General INFO:  aelbertaehegma.typepad.com
Kalama: pacifitalent@yahoo.com

“The End is in the Beginning, the Beginning is in the End, and   All is Now."
"T.S. Elliot (Borrowed from  India)

Creating 'After the jump' summaries

Creating 'After the jump' summaries